Eyelash Extensions

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 Classic lash extensions are when 1 synthetic lash is applied to your natural lash. Volume lash extensions are when fans are made and 2-10 lashes are applied to your natural lash.  Depending on the look you are wanting.  Hybrid lashes are when a mix of single lashes and fans are applied to your natural lashes.  Lash fills are required ever 2-3 weeks. 

Will Eyelash Extensions Damage My Eyelashes?

When done properly no! the length and weight of the eyelash extension used on you will be based on your natural lashes as you don’t want your lash you break under the weight of the eyelash extension.   Now that doesn’t’ mean you can’t have long lashes if your lashes are thin or short it just means you need a lighter lash extension! You also want to ensure that your natural lashes are not being stuck together as that will cause them to pull and irritate your eyes.  The biggest thing is do not pull at your eyelash extensions.  This will cause you to pull out your natural lash before it is ready to shed leaving you with bald patches as you will have to wait for the eyelash to grow back. 

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What They Say

"Lynn is fabulous! She's done two sets for me now, and both have been beautiful. She's fast, super friendly, and absolutely amazing at what she does! HIGHLY recommend."

"Lynn did an amazing job! Fast, professional and very friendly. I couldn’t be happier with my new lashes!"

"Lynn did a fantastic job with my lashes!! The first time I got a more natural looking set, but these ones are wedding party ready!! ??
She was INCREDIBLE for accommodating my busy schedule , and offered to do them in the evening and even later at night.
She’s friendly and welcoming ! Amazing price and fantastic job!"

"Lynn did a fantastic job on my nails. I am a nail biter & don't usually get my nails done. The dipped nails are strong & still look nice after gardening. I am very happy with my nails. Lynn has many different colours. I will be back again to try a new colour."

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