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Sugaring is ideal for people with sensitive skin and the sugar paste only adheres to the hair and does not pull on the skin like waxing does.  This makes sugaring less painful and causes less redness.  Sugar past is also all natural and can be removed with just warm water meaning there is very little chance of a reaction from the client. 

With sugaring you pull the hair out the same direction as it grows causing you to pull the full hair follicle out meaning it will take much longer for the hair to grow back.  With waxing the hair is pulled the opposite was that it grows causing the hair to break leaving the portion under the skin to grow out instead of your body having to grow a whole new hair which takes much longer. 

Your hair can also be much shorter than the length required for waxing.  For waxing your hair must be at least the length of a grain of rice for the wax to stick to the hair and pull it out.  For sugaring your hair can be half that length and the sugar will still adhere to it and pull it out meaning you don’t have to have supper bushy eyebrows before you are ready to have them sugared again. 


What They Say

"Lynn is fabulous! She's done two sets for me now, and both have been beautiful. She's fast, super friendly, and absolutely amazing at what she does! HIGHLY recommend."

"Lynn did an amazing job! Fast, professional and very friendly. I couldn’t be happier with my new lashes!"

"Lynn did a fantastic job with my lashes!! The first time I got a more natural looking set, but these ones are wedding party ready!! ??
She was INCREDIBLE for accommodating my busy schedule , and offered to do them in the evening and even later at night.
She’s friendly and welcoming ! Amazing price and fantastic job!"

"Lynn did a fantastic job on my nails. I am a nail biter & don't usually get my nails done. The dipped nails are strong & still look nice after gardening. I am very happy with my nails. Lynn has many different colours. I will be back again to try a new colour."

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